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Queen Kat is an independent recording artist/rapper/singer /songwriter/composer with a background of modeling/ dancing and fitness/bodybuilding as well as holding Medical Doctorate degree and Master in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. 

So far, she recorded 49 Hip Hop songs at the studio (professionally mixed and mastered) and still in the process of writing/composing more songs and recording/producing more demos for her first debut album. She has been told that she is a very good storyteller. Also, her music is unique and very different from other mainstream music out there. Queen Kat is a visual artist and her vision plays a fundamental role in creating her music. Her goal is to break into the mainstream music industry in order to be able to share her music with the whole world and pursue her passion of making music and performing at the global level.

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I had the opportunity to interview with Dr. Jarred in his live podcast: “Licensed to Live”. I had talked about my past career in medicine and practicing as a doctor to becoming a fitness professional/coach followed by my transition to the music world and becoming a musician/singer/songwriter/rapper/composer. You can listen to the interview directly by clicking the link above:

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Bay Area, California


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